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Wedding @ Woodridge Country Hotel & Spa

Freedom Day took on a different meaning for Roy & Anja, who were married in the lovely setting of Woodridge Country Hotel. Natal Mobile Audio were on hand to play background music to the guests as they met on the lawn straight after the service at 3.30pm, during dinner and onto the dance floor, ending at just after 2 am. Guests had arrived from all over the world, as Roy had spent time in many countries including Switzerland and the UAE (where he worked as one of the design team of components for the Airbus A380 aeroplane). Music ranged from old to new, Swiss / Austrian to Greek and fast to slow. Guests danced and danced, with the dance floor not been empty all night long. One guest told us that when he gets married one day in Switzerland, that he will fly Garth & Anthony over to play music at his wedding, as we were the best DJ’s that he has heard.


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