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Wedding @ Windmills Boutique Hotel

Cliff & Hayley tied the knot at this superb boutique hotel in Nottingham Road in the midlands. The chapel at the bottom of the garden, has magnificent views over the rolling hills of Nottingham Road. Typical of this time of year, the mist rolled in very quickly forcing guests into the reception venue a lot earlier than anticipated. Natal Mobile Audio were on hand and set up early to take on this sort of eventuality, and relaxed the guests while they warmed up near the fire place, waiting for the bridal couple to make their entrance to the lively tune of Barry White’s ‘You’re my First, You’re my Last, You’re my Everything. It was wonderful to be part of yet another young couples life, as they head off into married bliss.

Brilliant!!! Superb music all night long. Cliff & Hayley


No Very

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