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Wedding at Hartford House

Another glorious wedding in the Natal Midlands. On this occasion, travelling to Hartford House, led us to playing on the veranda of the main house for the wedding of Magdalena Szufler, of Romanian decent. Most of the correspondence to arrange this wedding was performed through electronic media, due to the hectic business travel schedule of Magdalena. Our first meeting with the bride and groom took place on the steps of their reception, but Magdalena knew that everything was in place as she had the confidence in the professionalism of Natal Mobile Audio. And so the champagne flowed, and the speeches started. As most of the guests had flown in for the event, some of the speeches were completed in other European languages, which left us in awe of all that we do not understand. Music, however, is the common language. A thriving party rendered throughout the evening, both to the music of local tunes & the ‘imported’ music courtesy of the Bride & Groom.


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