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40th Birthday Party at Southern Sun North Beach

This venue, set in the heart of Durban’s Golden Mile, was previously known as the Maharani Hotel. Those of us 40 and above, recall the outside scenic elevator, which travelled to the top floor and the infamous ‘Raffles Discotech’. Our premier DJ, Garth Green had also played at raffles as a guest DJ during its years of operation. But onto the party at hand. This was the birthday party for Honourable Madam Justice E. Steyn, the youngest judge to be awarded a position on the bench of the Supreme Court. A beautifully lavish affair on the first floor of this magnificent hotel. With everybody dressed to the nines in Tuxedo’s and flowing ball gowns, the majority of the legal fraternity danced the night away, not thinking of anyone that night who would need to be judged. It was entertaining and comforting to see how those in important work positions could also relax to the enjoyable sounds of Natal Mobile Audio.

"For the wonderful music played at my birthday party, I thank you" Honourable Madam Justice E. Steyn


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